About Us

Our Story


Our heart and mind were set on raising our kids on home cooked meals. In a busy season of life, home cooked meals became a challenge. Our children were busy and involved in after school sports. Gabe and I were working full time jobs and running our catering business as well. For the sake of convenience, drive thru's were on regular rotation.


Processed food was quickly affecting our family in negative ways. We needed a better alternative. We began to meal prep here and there. And had ready meals to cover our busy days. As a result from meal prepping, we were feeling great and had more energy. Other benefits were that we were saving time and money.


Our catering clients took interest and a few asked us to meal prep for them as well. Seeing the positive impact meal prep has had on our clients and family inspired us to offer our meal services to anyone looking to eat healthier without sacrificing taste.


Fast forward a couple of years; two of our three children now young adults, we thought now is as good a time as any to offer our meal services. I developed some recipes and put my master chef to work. He brought the menu to life and crafted aesthetically pleasing meals that prove healthy eating can be delicious. And thus, Temple Fuel came to fruition.