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2 Eggs, Potatoes, Poblano Peppers, Green Onion, Tri Colored Peppers and Chihuahua Chees MACROS: Cal: 666 C: 74 F: 27.4 P: 32.8
Seedless Poblano Pepper stuffed with 2 eggs, spinach, tri Color peppers, turkey sausage over tomatillo salsa.
2 eggs (substitute egg whites), 2 bacon slices (substitute turkey bacon), 2 slices of pepper jack cheese, spinach, 2 slices of grilled tomatoes, 2 slices...
Three Protein Packed Whole Wheat Pancakes. Berries and syrup on the side.
2 Eggs (substitute egg whites), Beef Chorizo, Tri Color Bell Peppers, Roasted Potatoes, and Spinach
2 egg whites, 4oz chicken, roasted sweet potatoes, black beans, poblano peppers, and a side of pico de gallo.
4 egg whites, spinach, asparagus, cherry tomatoes and roasted potatoes with bell peppers and green onions.
2 Eggs (substitute egg whites), 2 slices of bacon (substitute turkey bacon), guacamole, radishes, green onions, cherry tomatoes on sour dough toast. 
2 Eggs, Pureed black beans, Pico on the side, Queso Fresco, 1 Slice of sourdough toast