6oz Chicken breast over julienne zucchini and in house made lemon cream sauce.  Jasmine Rice option available.   Macros: With Zucchini: Cal 465 C: 8.2 F:...
6oz steak in our house made Mexican salsa, over jasmine rice. Garnished with red picked onions.  Cauliflower option available  Macros: With Rice Cal: 610 C:...
6oz Tilapia with our house-made creamy creole sauce, served with cauliflower rice or jasmine rice. MACROS:  With Jasmine Rice CAL: 635 C: 51.7 F:30.4 P:...
Slow roasted bbq beef brisket served over rice or cauliflower rice, corn, and a side of roasted vegetables.   
6 chimichurri lemon shrimps over lemon spaghetti (or zucchini noodles) and roasted veggies.
Korean bbq chicken with jasmine rice (or cauliflower rice), carrots and broccoli.   
6oz Salmon with parmesan cauliflower crust, wild buttered mushrooms, and asparagus. Options: add 4oz roasted potatoes  Macros: Keto, Cal: 459 C: 7  F: 35.6  P: 41.3...