Instructions: 1. Buy one meal or a couple. You will be able to check out with one meal in the cart. Tax will not be added.  2. Select pick up...

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1. Buy one meal or a couple. You will be able to check out with one meal in the cart. Tax will not be added. 

2. Select pick up so that you can bypass the delivery fee. 

3. Include an encouraging note in the additional notes section. We will be sure to include your note. 

4. That's it. Meals will be dropped off by Temple Fuel to hospitals or police departments early week, weekly. 

When our city was called to shut down, we took immediate action and helped the only way we knew how. We provided families with groceries for a week. We prepared meals and dropped them off to hospital and police departments as well, in hopes that it would be a little light in our heroes stressful days.

Over 1700 meals have been served. 

We love our heroes, our community and we love to be of service and help wherever we can. However, we are a small fairly new business and can only do so much as our sales have decreased as well. 

If you have been wanting to help in some way, maybe consider buying a meal at a discount price from us to donate to a hero. You would be helping our small business  and serving our heroes. 

We want this to feel more personal to you and want our hero to know that it's coming from you.  So please, in the additional notes section, write an encouraging note to the receiving hero, maybe a joke or a story of how they’ve helped you recently or on the past. The point is to help lift their spirit. We will make sure to include your note. 

The response from our heroes themselves has been filled with gratitude. Many have reached out and asked us to please serve their hospital as well. We will continue to serve meals for as long as we can. With your help we could serve many more. 

They serve us every day. They show up, at times scared for themselves and for their families as well. But, they show up. And they are fighting this virus while we get to stay home. 

Meals purchased will be distributed to hospitals & police departments, early in the week, weekly. I will be sure to post every week how many meals were purchased by our fuelers. 

Thank you so much! Please stay home and safe. God bless you!

Follow us on FB or IG to see Hero meal drop offs :)

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