6oz of turkey, veggies, outs, herbs and spices go into the mix to create this moist delicious seasonal meatloaf. Sides: baby rainbow carrots and 4oz...
6oz Chicken breast, pear, pomegranate, goat cheese, walnuts, dry cranberries with a in house Dijon mustard dressing. Salad, No/Dressing: Cal: 344 C: 10.2 F: 13.2...
6oz Chicken Breast with sesame ginger dressing
6oz Chicken Breast with a side of bacon brussels sprouts and sun dried tomatoes slaw  Macros: Cal: 481  C: 13.6  F: 28.8  P: 44.5
Three Bean Turkey Chili  Heat for 2-3 mins Macros: Cal: 272 C: 19.7 F: 6.4 P: 32